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April 2, 1978, TV history changed forever when a new five part mini-series premiered on CBS. The show was DALLAS, created by David Jacobs, and it went on to become one of the most successful shows in the history of television. It would also serve to leave a profound impression upon me for the next thirty years. 

I've essentially been a fan since I was eight years old. Throughout my life, I’ve oddly found solace in watching the reruns. I even collected the bubble gum cards, a staple of collector fandom that few probably thought this television show spawned, but it did. Those cards reside just as prominent in my collection as STAR WARS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, ROCKY, and other iconic bubblegum card series collectibles.

Dallas bubblegum cards

It could be misconstrued that my most profound influences are rooted in the annals of science fiction dramas and comic books. While there is a certain degree of truth in that assumption, by and large my writings, which usually involve epic and adult themes, most notably within the universe involving the Villikon family dynasty, were influenced first and foremost by DALLAS, a television saga set in the big state of Texas. DALLAS depicted life as being lived in the fast lane by a family of players residing on both sides of the good and evil coin. The show resonated with a time in American history when the economy was in a recession. It was produced by Leonard Katzman and was the first television series distributed globally. DALLAS was eventually translated and dubbed into 67 languages in over 90 countries, a record still standing for an American television series. DALLAS ended on May 3, 1991. I was in the military when the show came to an end and one of my fondest memories is of my mother updating me over the phone as to what was happening on DALLAS. I was stationed in Berlin, Germany and my mother would send care packages packed with videotaped new episodes of DALLAS and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Fourteen seasons, 356 episodes, and three television movies, which included a 1986 prequel chronicling the creation of Ewing Oil in the 1930's, JR RETURNS in 1996, which picked up where the series had ended, and WAR OF THE EWINGS in 1998.

It's an old cliché to beckon one's career towards doing "that which you love to do." Aside from loving to write and being a creative force of my own, having created my own licensed serial franchise, THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES, I’ve toiled with how I could wield my knowledge and fanboy fondness of a beloved television show into something to be shared with millions of other fans worldwide. Never let it be said I was only absorbed within my own franchise because I've now dabbled in the world of another creator's vision and brand, which is currently owned by Warner Bros., in hopes of inspiring a resurgence for the DALLAS franchise. 

SILENT NEMESIS WORKSHOP has resurrected DALLAS as a one-shot spec mini-graphic. The project is seeded in the very form of media where my own franchise, THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES, first found its hook audience as a graphic novel. I commissioned RAVENWOLF STUDIOS to artistically interpret the story for the mini-graphic inspired by my spec script “DALLAS: THE GATHERING.” The teaser graphic will debut as a FREE e-published look at life in the world of DALLAS in present times. It is more than ten years after events last depicted in the television movie WAR OF THE EWINGS, broadcast on April 24, 1998. It was the second reunion film to follow the long running series, which removed focus on the younger generation, a theme followed in JR RETURNS, and focused once more on original series characters JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby and Ray. For a potential precursor to a franchise resurgence, I've thrown “DALLAS: THE GATHERING” into the mix as a contender for a much talked about  third television film, meant to re-launch the DALLAS brand as a next generation TV series in the same vein as recent retrofits of 90210 and KNIGHT RIDER. As part of the pitch, I’m also serving this mini-graphic opus, “DALLAS: GATHERING FOR THE DEPARTED,” as inspired by the feature-length script “DALLAS: THE GATHERING.”  - Bryan J. Kinnaird

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