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At Ravenwolf Studios we’re excited to currently be involved with depicting a new brief peak into the world of DALLAS. When we were approached by Bryan J. Kinnaird to take part in such a project, there was no questioning that it was something we knew we had to be part of. Knowing the enthusiastic fans DALLAS has attracted over the years, along with understanding the very real possibility of a new resurgence with its 30-year anniversary this November, we assessed it was only right to jump in and lend our style to give it a good push in the right direction. Every little bit helps in the world of Hollywood and in the canvassed world of art. The experience thus far has been a thrill ride. Bringing iconic characters back to life in the style of a mini-graphic novella is both an arduous task and a wondrous experience. The graphic art process takes hours and hours of research to ensure a project’s source material is done justice on the canvas. Artists want to make sure readers feel what is on the page. To make that happen, artists must understand the story and its characters so that hitting the right marks on a page are truly inspired with the same dynamic intentions as the writer’s words. We are always learning new methods to apply our techniques in order to make this work. DALLAS has been a shining opportunity for us to demonstrate the talents and ability of our studio to adapt this existing brand into a new outlet for fan appreciation of the franchise. We hope fans of DALLAS enjoy what we’ve put to canvas for them, which is based on Bryan’s story. We want to make them feel good about what they are reading and seeing with all the same emotion they would expect from a single television episode

Dallas final sketch Final (sketch) - artist Graven Ravenwolf lays out a sketch before Monica Delgado begins fleshing out the colored page.
Dallas sketch with color Colors - This is a page with 90% completion of colors. Colors give a final piece an entirely different feel once finalized.
Monica Delgado is also a contributor to the showcase of ' Villikon Chronicles'

Ultimately, art on any scale is the business of Ravenwolf Studios, and this project is no different in the way it impacts our creativity. To help shed light on this, allow for a little history about Ravenwolf Studios. Our studio formed early in 2008 after the realization of mine & Monica Delgado’s combined artistic potential. Both of us, having strong professional backgrounds in the medium, found true logic in creating a studio to specialize in a variety of creative art genres in order to bring clientele a large array of choices. Whether it’s graphics for a Corporate Business Identity or something as personal as Customized Fine Art or Self Portraits, diversifying is elemental to our studio’s success. Our motivation is derived from the need to bring new life to the artistic community on a grand scale, and Bryan’s DALLAS project is a perfect example of that ‘grandness.’ Our motto is, “One’s end goal is more important than one’s ego.” In short,  we at Ravenwolf Studios strive to be humble and appreciative to all we are exposed too and which ultimately helps us move towards our goals. We always look forward to meeting with fans, friends, future clients, and connoisseurs of art at conventions nationwide. If you would like to contact us about a project or would like more information, please look to our Official My Space Presence at:
We would like to thank Bryan for this amazing opportunity to showcase who we are on such an esteemed project. We would also like to thank the fans of DALLAS for keeping the show alive so that we would someday have this honor to depict it in a new medium for old and new audiences alike. – Graven Ravenwolf 


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