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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it termed as the dream season?

    Season nine followed the aftermath of the death of Bobby Ewing. When Patrick Duffy decided to come back as Bobby in the spring of 1986 the producers decided to make the whole of Season Seven a DREAM. So Pam woke up and Bobby was alive , it had all been her nightmare.

  • Why did Pamela go to sleep with short hair and wake up with really long hair?:

    Well not only had there been a year in-between shows, but there is a summer break following the cliffhanger.

  • Who's idea was it to have the dream ?

    Patrick Duffy's wife is credited with the idea. Apparently she turned to Patrick and stated "The only way you can go back to that show is if it turns out to be a dream"

  • Why is the picture so fuzzy when Pam opens the shower door?

    Patrick Duffy was brought in at the last minute under a very secret operation. He made out he was filming a soap commercial, none of the other actors apart from Larry Hagman knew Patrick was back. Victoria Principal was called in seperately and asked to film a scene where she opened the shower door which was empty. She had no idea what was planned. Later the producers cut Bobby into the shower scene. Hence the fuzzy picture , which is not `fuzzy` as such, just filmed under different lighting and using video.

  • Is it true that nobody knew Bobby was in that scene?

    Yes as stated above, Victoria Principal was watching at home and she was shocked to see Bobby standing there. She immediately rang Patrick Duffy in shock.

  • What was originally intended for that seasons cliffhanger?

    What was the planned if Bobby had not returned? Mark Graison was due to be killed off leaving Pam more powerful then ever and vow to destroy J. R. Jack would of been Pam's comforter resulting in more Jenna/Pam confrontations. Jamie would of been killed in the car explosion, Sue Ellen would be paralyzed and blame J.R. Cliff would also blame J.R for Jamie's death and again refuel the feud this time backed by Pamela. Ben Stivers would of turned out to actually be Jock and take away Ewing Oil from J.R .
    What other alternatives were discussed to bring Bobby back? They filmed several alternatives including a Bobby evil twin and Bobby being away to recover for a season.

  • Were any clues give after the 1986 cliffhanger aired to how Bobby would return?

    Yes, Patrick Duffy said he would give one clue and that was there had been a similar incident during that last season. Of course he was referring to Sue Ellen's nightmare over the John Ross custody battle where she awoke screaming, so a dream within a dream.

  • Did the actors agree with the `dream` idea?

    Most of the cast and production team defend the dream concept. Other cast members such as Susan Howard and Ken Kercheval have dismissed the idea as ludicrous. Dallas creator David Jacobs felt the idea sold out the fans mourning of Bobby.

  • Why did they bother to bring Bobby back anyway?

    Ratings were down this season, this was blamed by Larry Hagman on the producer Philip Capice, Larry Hagman also missed working with his old friend Patrick Duffy. Larry Hagman did not hide his contempt for Capice and finally said either Capice went or he did. Capice left and Hagman also demanded Duffy back. Larry was not happy with the stories that season.

  • What were the consequences of the dream?

    Certain characters were lost, including Mark Graison, Jerry Kenderson, Tony (Ray and Donna's son). The Ben Stivers character was kept, but his name was changed to Wes Parmalee, so I gather Pamela was rather psychic. Some characters due to leave or that had been killed were now back or alive, including obviously Bobby, Katherine Wentworth (killed originally when she ran down Bobby), Mandy Winger (Deborah believed she had filmed her last show in episode 'Hello,Goodbye,Hello'), Jamie Barnes was brought back, she was meant to be dead. Donna was pregnant again, so her baby did not die.
    What was the biggest impact of making it a dream? Donna and Ray split up resulting in the axing of Susan Howard (a strong supporter of Capice), the character of Pamela turned from strong independent woman to a very weak character resulting in Victoria Principal quitting her role. But the biggest impact was the loss of viewers and the fact Dallas changed from a well regarded drama into a joke by critics worldwide.
    Did Dallas ever recover from the dream idea? No not at all, even now 14 years on the dream is still mentioned when people refer to Dallas. The dream became a focus damaging the show totally.

  • Were there any continuity errors following the dream?

    Yes several, for example Dusty had returned in episodes prior to Bobby's death but was nowhere to be seen when the dream was over. Katherine had also turned up in episodes before the dream began but was not brought back when the dream was over. Ray and Donna had lived in their ranch house but it was destroyed by a burst water pipe during the dream, when Pam woke up Donna and Rays ranch house was still missing.
    Is it a waste of my time to watch the dream season? Well in many ways yes, it holds no part of the overall plot but there are some wonderful episodes and scenes.

  • How did Knots Landing explain Bobby's return?

    They didn't. Bobby's death resulted in a couple of major Knots Landing plotlines, including Gary reevaluating his whole life and Val naming her son Bobby. Knots Landing were furious that Dallas did not consider them when the dream idea came about, so Bobby remained dead in Knots Landing and the two shows completely severed ties from then onwards.
    Do people actually like the dream idea? Yes many do, in fact many Sci Fi fans love it, some have theories that the Dream was a Dallas parallel universe where Bobby died and in that universe he is still dead. Some feel it gave us an opportunity to see a Dallas with Bobby dead which we would never have seen.

  • Why did Pamela dream so much about J.R?

    Perhaps she had a secret lust which transpired in her dream. Who knows...............................

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