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Jenna Wade in Dallas played by Priscilla PresleyName: Jenna Wade

Born: 1952

First line: “It’s delicious.” Jenna and Maynard Anderson enjoy a late night snack. (“Old Acquaintance” Episode 8, 1978)

Last line: “One step at a time.” Jenna and Ray decide to start a new life away from Texas. (“The Fat Lady Singeth” Episode 281, 1988)

Marital History: Jilted Bobby Ewing in 1970 and 1984. On both occasions, went on to marry Naldo Marchetta. After Naldo’s death in 1984, renewed plans to marry Bobby, but was jilted by HIM in 1986. Married his half brother, Ray Krebbs, the following year.

Work history: Fashion editor for High Life magazine (1980); waitress at Billy Bob’s, Fort Worth (1983-1984); owner of Jenna’s boutique (1984-1986).




Quote: “Do you know what it’s like to have gotten to my age and only to have loved one person?” Jenna to Bobby, 1985

"She was more like us than Pam ever was" JR on Jenna, 1984

Daughter: Charlie
Son: Lucas

Love interests
Bobby Ewing: The love of her life. They planned to marry, but Jenna got cold feet and eloped to Europe with ...
Naldo Marchetta: A phony Italian count. She left him almost immediately, but not before falling pregnant with his child. She returned to Texas and took up with ...
Maynard Anderson: A married politician. His wife ended the affair and eventually Jenna found her way back to ...
Bobby: They renewed their plans to marry, but on the day of the wedding Jenna was kidnapped and coerced into remarrying ...
Naldo: He was shot dead on their honeymoon, and Jenna found herself convicted of manslaughter. Her name was eventually cleared, thanks to ...
Bobby: He broke off their engagement to remarry his ex-wife, even though
Jenna was now pregnant. In her hour of need, she turned to ...
Ray Krebbs: Bobby’s brother. They married in 1987.

Pam Ewing was Jenna’s main rival for Bobby’s affections, but it was
Katherine Wentworth and Naldo Marchetta who kidnapped and framed her for murder.

High points
JR announcing her and Bobby’s wedding date at the 1984 Oil Baron’s Ball.
Being released from prison. Lucas’s birth.

Low points
The kidnapping of her daughter by Naldo. Being sentenced to seven years in prison. Bobby and Pam’s wedding day.


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