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Charlene Tilton interview with the official Dallas website

You put your questions to Charlene Tilton about the CBS Dallas Reunion. Charlene will star alongside other cast members in the upcoming Dallas Reunion on CBS on Sunday 7th November at 9pm EST.

Ultimate Dallas - Hi Charlene we have loads of questions about the reunion so lets kick off.

Pamela in UK asks Hi Charlene. I thought I would ask a topical question. On our forum we have a discussion about JR being president. Do you think he would be good?

Charlene - (Laughs) No I don't think JR would be a good President, he would be too busy with his extra curricular activities.

Julian in NC asks Hi Charlene!  I'm an 18 year old fan from North Carolina who is absolutely THRILLED that you decided to produce this special.  My question to you is what inspired you to bring together the cast for a Reunion clip-show?

Charlene - Well Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and myself did an appearance on the soap network and the live audience were going crazy. I was the last person to come out and they were standing, people were crying and the press were so interested in us and as I left I said 'There has to be more to this'. As a family we have all not been together as a group in public for eighteen years.

Ultimate Dallas - Why was the decision made to do this special rather than a TV movie?

Charlene - They did two TV movies before and I don't think they did very well. The Reunion was a concept I had and I visualized it as all of us getting back together, going to the Ranch reminiscing and giving the fans a real intimate look at the making of the show and our feelings of the show. Now we could come back and reminisce and look back. It was so emotional for all of us and so wonderful. We have private home movies, we have the Gag Reel, we've got scenes that have never been seen before and we have a surprise in the Special.

Ultimate Dallas - We have had lots of questions asking what that surprise is.

Charlene - You will have to see. We just have a surprise guest appearance.

Possum asks I would like to know how difficult it was to get this project off the ground. For instance, when was the idea conceived, how many times was it pitched before acceptance, and why does she think it was finally accepted considering the current climate of programming? I am looking for some hope that TV execs are again seeing the popularity and value of programs such as " Dallas

Charlene - I put a in a call to Henry Winkler practically a year ago to the day, told him my idea and he loved it. I told him about our private home movies I knew existed, our gag reel and how we had to film it at the Ranch, because to me the Ranch itself is a character in the show. He loved the idea and Henry said 'What do you want to call it?" and I said "I don't know, what do you want to call it ?" and he said "Yes, 'Dallas a celebration' " , I said "Great I love it". So that was our first title but then his partner Michael Levitt came up with 'Dallas - Return to Southfork'. Getting the cast together, which was one of my jobs as Exec Producer, and I have to say that wasn't as hard as you would think, everyone was eager to do it. EVerything fell into place nicely.

Jeanie asks My question is: "How was your feeling returning back for the reunion and seeing everyone 26 years later?"

Charlene - Well it was so familiar and feels like going home, it feels safe and brings up so many memories. Victoria Principal and I were talking and she said "Thank you for pulling this together Charlene , I had no idea the depth of emotion I would feel here. I cried harder and laughed harder than I had in so long, it took me by surprise". Everyone felt that way, we are genuinely a close family, we really are. That's what is so wonderful about the Special, you definitely see the genuine love and affection between all of us.

Sarah Wilson in Belfast Northern Ireland asks Hi Charlene Can I just say first of all you look beautiful! I wanted to ask what it was like being with the cast again, particularly seeing Victoria again after so long?

Charlene - It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I had not seen Victoria in three years, since Larry Hagman's 70th birthday party.

Peter Missouri asks Hi Charlene!!  Did Victoria resist participating at first? Did any of you speak to Barbara Bel Geddes personally via phone during the reunion?

Charlene - I called Victoria and our first conversation was long, we were on the phone for about an hour. We were reminiscing and she asked me what the Special would be like and I reminisced about some of my earlier memories with her where I was so young and sometimes if I didn't want to be alone in my hotel room at night she let me stay with her. We started bringing up memories and she agreed to do it. I spoke to Barbara for about 45 minutes on the phone asking her to please be a part of this special, unfortunately that did not happen. Not because of any ill feelings but at this point in her life she is settled , she lives in her house near a lake and she wants to stay there and its understandable. As I was watching the DVD I was praying so hard she would do it and at one point I was hoping and praying that we could get her and have her come into the living room as a surprise. That would of been amazing, she is so loved and respected by all of us.

Pamela in UK also asks How do you know Henry Winkler, what's it like working with him?

Charlene - I met him years ago when I was in High School, I had such a crush on him and was such a fan of Happy Days. I met him and I told him a big lie, I told him I was the head of the journalism department at my High School and would he do an interview with me for our High School Newspaper and he said ok. Then he wanted me to show him a copy of the article so I had to go to the Journalism teacher and said " I have this great interview with Henry Winkler, you have to print and it has to be on the cover" , well they loved it and they did do that. Then I got cast on Happy Days and was on the show, he remembered me and I have known him throughout the years. He is a dream to work with, creative and intelligent, a family man and works so hard. When you bring up the name Henry Winkler in this business people just go on and on how much they love him.

Joey in NJ asks What should we expect from the show? I read on the Dallas fans forum you reenact Dallas scenes, is this true?

Charlene - No, no we don't. It is the cast getting together at the Ranch and we are talking about memories, showing clips, Larry Hagman's private home movies, behind the scenes footage and, our mistakes. We also have a question and answer period, we do like an Oil Barons Ball and we have fans asking us questions which is fun as well.

Mickey in New York asks How was it different being with the cast now compared to 1978?

Charlene - Well for me it was different because I'm not the baby of the group anymore. That dynamic has changed.

Rick in Glasgow asks What's involved in being exec producer on the Reunion show?

Charlene - Coming up with the idea, getting to the people who can make it happen, getting the cast together, securing the Ranch and just day to day things. Of course Henry Winkler and Michael Levitt get in and do all the real hard work (laughs)

Harry in LA asks How was it off camera doing the reunion, did you talk about old times? Do you have any stories

Charlene - Our off camera stuff sort of happened on camera, that was the point of this reunion. We kind of waited until the camera was rolling so we could give our genuine memories.

Gerard Louwers in the Haque, Holland asks What`s the reason of Susan Howard's absence ?

Charlene - The core cast members were the ones who were there in the original show. The show was two hours long and Dallas ran for 13 years, there is just no way you can bring in everybody.

Douglas jr Nalle in Kansas City asks What will we learn that you think most dallas fans didn't already know ?

Charlene - There were things that I learned that I did not even know. I did not know that Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy had a connection before Dallas, I won't tell you what it is because its revealed in the Special. I didn't know how Who Shot JR came to be the cliffhanger and there was something else planned and that's revealed on the Special.

Christo asks : I would like to ask Charlene, if there is somebody who she would be happy to see again on the Dallas set, but is not now there for the reunion

Charlene - Yes, Barbara Bel Geddes

Josh in Boston asks With all of the nostalgia and what not from the cast getting back together (plus the DVD's, big screen movie, etc.), what are the chances of getting one last reunion movie to tie up all the lose ends that exist?

Charlene - I don't know. It depends on the script but personally I don't see that happening but you never know.

Jason in Minnesota asks Is there a current actress that you have in mind that would make a good Lucy in the upcoming Dallas movie on the big screen?

Charlene - I have to tell you I cant think of anybody. They want to go really young when I was 17, so who's a 16 year old actress who can do that. She has to look young and be really sexy, get the older guy and manipulate. Can you think of anyone?

Ultimate Dallas - I thought previously maybe someone like Drew Barrymore?

Charlene - Honey she could play Pam, she is old enough to play Sue Ellen. She is 30 something, she cant play Lucy. Even the Olson twins, there could be two Lucy's (laughs loud). But even they are a little old, the actresses that age now like Lindsay Lohan, she's good but I don't see her as that character. Can you think of anyone else?

Ultimate Dallas - I can't think of anyone that age

Charlene - Me either , unless they go for an unknown, which could be interesting. I think John Travolta would make a good JR, maybe George Clooney for Bobby

Ultimate Dallas - He's too old.

Charlene - Maybe not then, no

Ultimate Dallas - Colin Farrell?

Charlene - no, Bobby's got to be the Knight in shining armor, the wonderful , perfect, spotless good guy. That's not Colin Farrell (laughs)

Patrick C. Nacogdoches, Texas asks Even though, obviously, the late Jim Davis will not be there in person, he certainly will be there in spirit.  Same goes for Mrs. Bel Geddes. What did Jim and Barbara mean to you, both personally and professionally?

Charlene - Jim Davis I called granddad. Him and his wife were a really strong presence in my life, my daughter and I were at his wifes house last week and see her quite often. He meant a lot to me. Jim Davis years ago had a daughter who was killed at 17 so when he started working with me he said "You remind me of my Tara" , so there was this special bond between him and I. Barbara, I just loved her. Funny and one of the best actresses ever.

Tonya Jan in Brooklyn , New York asks What ever became of Muriel, Lucy's school friend ?

Charlene - (laughs ) I have no idea, its funny because I was trying to find her because I wanted to use a clip with her in it. But couldn't find her.

Loose Lucy in Maryland asks Charlene, what was your absolute favorite Dallas memory

Charlene - Well my favorite storyline was when Lucy was engaged to Kit Mainwaring who was gay and trying not to be gay to please his family. It was my favorite, I went from meeting him, falling in love, Lucy is so happy and then he tells her he's gay. Keep in mind that was 25 years ago, they handled it with such class and dignity. It was a wonderful storyline.

Leno in UK asks Did Larry and Patrick play pranks again in the Reunion like in the old days?

Charlene - Oh that's a good one. All I'm going to say is it involves the swimming pool. That's all I'm going to say. (laughs)

Lucky in Madrid asks Do you have anything from Dallas you kept?

Charlene - I have Lucy's second wedding dress. It was a little suit and the only reason I have it is because I wanted to wear it to Church on Easter Sunday and I never brought it back (laughs)

Jay in NC asks What memories will you take with you from the Reunion on CBS?

Charlene - I spent some quality time with Linda Gray also with Victoria. I will also take away the memory of every single cast member thanking me for coming up with this idea and helping to make this happen. It meant a lot to me that every single cast member thanked me.

Katie in New Hampshire asks What are you doing now?

Charlene - Well last year I co-produced a play in Los Angeles called Tell Veronica , we have been offered to take it to New York and Iv considered doing that. Otherwise I would love to do a sitcom because its like doing a mini play every week.

Ultimate Dallas - We have had so many comments thanking you for doing this show.

Charlene - I really hope everyone tunes in, they will not be disappointed. Henry and Michael Levitt who have produced many hours of television and several Reunion Specials say this is the best Reunion Special ever done. The network is excited, I hope the fans really turn out in big numbers to watch it, if there is something else on tape that and watch Dallas.

Ultimate Dallas - Desperate Housewives is on the other side but they can watch that any old time

Charlene - That's rerun , they can watch it any time. They have to watch Dallas, its an event that doesn't come along everyday.

Ultimate Dallas - Why do you think Dallas keeps going. We find that at Ultimate Dallas, we are so busy. Its amazing.

Charlene - I had not watched any of the episodes until the DVD came out in August and I was so shocked how good the show is. It was such a good show, my daughter and her friends are hooked on it now, they have Dallas Friday nights. She loves it, she says "Mom this is even better than the OC".

Ultimate Dallas - Do you think this is a swan song for Dallas?

Charlene - I kind of look at it that way but if the ratings go through the roof you never know.

Ultimate Dallas - Thank you Charlene, we will all be watching.

Charlene - Thank you and all the fans out there.


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