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Victoria Principal exclusive interview oficial website

In this exclusive Ultimate Dallas interview Victoria Principal speaks candidly about her time as Pamela Ewing on Dallas, starting her life over and sets the record straight on her age.

Colin Hunter – Hi Victoria, thank you so much for taking part.

Victoria Principal - Thank you. I don’t know if you know but I have never done an interview for the Dallas website but you have such a nice reputation about you so this is my first time.

Colin – That is very kind of you. Thank you so much.  Thousands of questions have come in from your fans on the Official Ultimate Dallas Website and the message boards. It has been astounding.

Victoria Principal – Are you the person who decided what to ask out of the thousands?

Colin – Myself and my trusty colleague. It was not easy (Laughs).
So let’s kick off. The first question is from Kate in the USA and is something that perhaps needs clearing up.

Kate in the USA asks, Victoria, I am a huge fan of you in your "Dallas" years and also love your skin care line. I am wondering why you have two reported birth dates, one 1946 and the other 1950? Depends on where you look. Why the discrepancy? Just curious

Victoria Principal - I was born January 3rd 1950. I’m 57 years old and I have just made my passport available to, obviously doing so is a little dangerous, you don’t want anyone to have your passport but I felt that was the only way to clear this up once and for all.
 My name is my real name; my age is my real age. Someone on the internet, years ago, printed a different age than I am and I’m in the process legally of clearing that up, because I have never lied about my age.
 It really hurts my feelings because if I lie about my age then what kind of integrity do I have.

Colin – Do you find that difficult when you read things and hear things that are not true? There was the situation recently where it was printed Charlene Tilton made comments about you, again fabricated.

Victoria Principal - You just can’t control everything. But this age thing I have a very difficult time with because I have written four books all encouraging women to embrace good health, to be kind and generous to themselves, and to be honest with themselves and to also embrace the ageing process in a way I call  youthful maturity.

So if I’m lying about my age how that does affect all those women who have trusted me. 
On the other hand if I was between 64 and 66, god I look great (Laughs loudly)

So I want everyone to know out there I have never lied about my age and unfortunately it has taken a life of its own and I’ve taken every legal venue available to me to straighten it out and the fact is Victoria Principal is my real name and I really was born in 1950. By the way it’s a no brainer, my father was in the Air Force and that is public record. In my first commercial I was actually five, if we are too believe these rumors I was actually ten.  It’s hard to look five at ten (Laughs loudly)

Joanna in New Zeland asks Hi Victoria. You have stated that 2006 was the worse year of your life. What is your philosophy on dealing with things life throws at you ? I hope 2007 is better

Victoria Principal - I don’t think tragedy, grief or stress changes us, I think it reveals us.  It reveals to us and anyone who is observing us, who we are. When bad things happen, we don’t have control over those bad things but we do have control over how we respond to them. I am able to look back on 2006 and knowing it was a very very difficult year on so many different levels, but knowing I am proud of the way I responded.

Colin – Does it make it worse going through these things in public, such as your divorce played out in the press?

Victoria Principal - Oh absolutely. Because people you never met read things you’ve said or didn’t say and feel that they have a certain degree of involvement in your life, one which you would choose to keep private.  I don’t know if you have noticed but there was not a single statement from me during the divorce or once the divorce was final.  I chose to lead my life the way I have always tried to lead it and that is to draw a healthy boundary between my public life and my personal life.
There were statements made by other people but not by me.  There were statements made by other people during the process that were inaccurate but rather than respond I chose not too because that just put me in dialogue with the very people I was choosing not to be involved with again for the rest of my life.

Colin – and 2007?

Victoria - Well it’s definitely better (Laughs loudly) Colin are you married?

Colin – Nope, no I’m not

Victoria – Have you ever been married?

Colin – No but I’m in a long term relationship.  Like most relationships it can be difficult at the best of times. (Laughs)

Victoria – I just wondered if you had a point of reference. Basically what I did, I have started my life over in many different ways. Not only am I single now , I have moved to a place I have always wanted to live, I’ve built a home I have always wanted to build and I’m living the way I’ve always wanted to live.

Colin - How did you always want to live?  

Victoria Principal – Well I no longer live in the city. I live basically on the edge of the world in a seaside community. It’s further out from Los Angeles and from the business so to speak. I’m living a life which is more in unison with nature, where life is not centred around show business, where dinner conversations are infrequently about show business. I feel it’s a much more well rounded life.
Was that an incredibly boring answer? (Laughs loudly with that famous hearty laugh)

Colin - (Laughs) No not at all. One thing that has come out from the questions and the members on the forum is that people are interested in how you live your life. Many women especially find you inspiring.

Victoria PrincipalThank you.

Kelly Brighton asks As a business woman, and some who seems to want to make the best of life. Did you ever feel frustrated by playing the character of Pamela Ewing?

Victoria PrincipalYes I did. I had to give myself an attitude adjustment about it because in the beginning I loved the character of Pam.
It’s very hard for most people to recall but in the beginning Pam, who had never gone to college, who was from the wrong side of town so to speak, really self educated herself and pulled herself up in the world.  She didn’t have two parents, her father was a drunkard, and she really had to fight for everything she aspired too and achieved. When Bobby married her, he wasn’t marrying milk toast; she was very, very spirited; she was always a good person. I always felt Pam was the moral centre of the programme but she was complicated, and she was fiery, she had opinions, and she was not afraid to voice them. But as the years went by, as JR became more and more evil, the writers felt, and I certainly understand why for the benefit of the show, that Pam had to become more and more good.  The way they perceived goodness was to write out her fieriness.     

Colin – So did you not have an input on how the character progressed?

Victoria Principal – Once the show achieved extraordinary world wide fame I don’t think any of us had much input.  You know the old saying if its not broken don’t fix it, I really believe that Lorimar looked upon it as something that was working and they did not want to deviate from the formula.

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