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Fashion from the TV show Dallas


Hey there Groovy Chicks and cool guys , welcome to the 70`s Dallas Fashion Guide, the essential guide to Dallas Fashion.

The era that brought us the Brady Bunch also the Ewing Family - as one critic wrote "The Brady's on LSD". On April 2nd 1978 Dallas came into being and with them came wonderful fashions of the 70`s.

Miss Ellie in Dallas

Here is our first glimpse of the Ewing mom Ellie Ewing. Here she is sporting a gorgeous 70`s polyester black coat with upturned collars, with matching woolen gray scarf. The essential clothing for ranch life in the 70`s.




Pamela Ewing at the disco in Dallas

For a better view of Dallas 70`s fashion where else to go but the DISCO (Staying alive...ah ah ah ah Staying alive). Here we have Mrs Pamela Ewing in her wonderful turtle necked white top, green eye shadow is a must for those finishing make up touches. That wonderful 70`s hair is also a must for any fashion conscious Dallas fan.



To get the right moves at the 70`s disco follow these steps: Hands in the air, wiggle butt and move around and pout the lips in a seductive manner.

Bobby Ewing in Dallas


Here is the 70`s Bobby, big collars and shirt unbuttoned is essential to show a bit of chest hair, a necklace of some sort also adds that extra touch. Hair must be big and covering ears.





Bobby in his anorak


In our second picture Bobby is modeling one of those cool 70`s coats, fur hoods and big zips. To be extra 70`s cool keep the hood down so not to spoil your 70`s hair.




Lucy Ewing make up tipsJulie Grey in Dallas

Here we have Julie Gray and Lucy demonstrating 70`s make up. Big lips are very important so masses of lipstick, red or bright pink is a must. Eye shadow again must be thick ,two or three layers using a thick paint brush.

For the Julie hair style dampen hair, stand in front of a fan and once dried apply curling tongs for added bounce and body.

Lucy Ewing in the hay loftLucy Ewing as a cowgirl

Here we have Lucy Ewing, the guru of Teenage 70`s fashion. Here Lucy is modeling the 70`s jump suit and boots. Flares are a must and brightly colored and don't forget your 70's checked shirt. Accessories include a neck tie and scarf. For that Lucy hair style please apply hair slides and clips, hair must be long (number one rule: long hair and lots of it). In our second picture Lucy Picture Lucy is sporting the `70`s cowgirl` look. Levi Jean jacket, and stetson, and huge neck scarf. Again big pink or red lips drenched in lip gloss.

Cliff BarnesJR Ewing in Dallas

Here we have Cliff and JR. Again big hair for Cliff, big collars and sheep skin jacket. Collars MUST be turned up and be big enough to cover most of your head. Think BIG. JR is sporting a wonderful neck bandana, and a hunting jacket. It's brown all the way, any shade will do but it has to be brown.



JR is sporting a fabulous knitted cardigan. Ideal for cool nights out or a night in sipping babycham and nibbling cheese on sticks. The blue neck tie sets off the cardigan for a real glam man look. This is sure to set the pulses racing of the woman or man in your life.

There is nothing sexier than a wooly cardigan for a 70's man.







Lucy Ewing and Sue Ellen Ewing

Here we have Sue Ellen Ewing, the Jackie Onassis of the Ewing family. Get the big hair and apply three cans of hair spray, eye brow pencil is also a must for the 70`s Sue Ellen, apply eye brow pencil with pressure and thickly. If you don't have an eye brow pencil to hand use a dark crayon or felt tip. Smile a lot and show those pearly white teeth. A shirt with big flappy collars is a must and unbuttoned to respectable level.

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