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Southfork Ranch fiction

A history of the Ewing family home Southfork Ranch.
Ewing Oil

History of the Ewing empire
Southfork Ranch factual

Factual information on the Ewing home used in the series. Includes photos of the original ranch.

Find out the real life locations of buildings used in the series.

Dallas locations - buildings used in the series

Building Location
The Box ranch
Southfork Ranch in the first five episodes (1978).

Original Southfork ranch Ultimate Dallas

10514 E.Main St. Frisco,Tx. 75035

Southfork Ranch
Southfork Ranch used in the series (1978-1991)

Southfork Ranch Plano Texas

3700 Hogge Drive
Parker (suburb of Dallas, near Richardson and Plano)

Ewing Oil
The first Ewing Oil building used in the first five episodes.

Ewiing Oil company owned by JR Ewing

2001 Bryan St, Dallas

Ewing Oil
Ewing building for seasons 2-10

Ewing Oil Dallas

Renaissance Tower, located at 1201 Elm Street in downtown Dallas, Texas is a 56-story modern-styled skyscraper

Ewing Oil & Petro Group Dallas
Season 10 started off as the location for Bobby's company Petro Group Dallas. Eventually became Ewing Oil for the rest of the series.

Ewing Oil and Petro Group Dallas

Fountain Place, located at 1445 Ross Avenue in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas is a 60-story modern-styled skyscraper.

JR Enterprises
Season 10 JR went it alone.

JR Enterprises in Dallas

901 Main St Dallas
Wentworth Tool and Dye

Wentworth tool and die Dallas
701 Commerce St

Barnes Wentworth

Barnes Wentworth

Golden glassed twin towers at Campbell Center located at the intersection of Central Expressway and Northwest Highway

Valentine offices
Sue Ellen's offices for Valentine

Sue Ellen Valentine company building

Trammel Crow Center, 2001 Ross Ave

Billy Bobs
Jenna Wake worked at Billy Bob's also used for the scene Jenna kisses Bobby.

Billy Bobs used in the TV show Dallas

2520 Rodeo Plz
Fort Worth, TX 76164
Live stock Exchange
Where Jock and the gang would buy and sell stock

The famous live stock exchange
130 E Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Southern Cross Ranch
Home of Clayton and Dusty Farlow.

The Southern Cross Ranch

Forney, Texas, 30 minutes from downtown Dallas

Ray Krebbs house

Ray Krebbs house Dallas

Ray Krebbs house Dallas

Ray Krebbs house Dallas




Behind Southfork Ranch, in Plano,Texas

Photographer: Matthew A James