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Audrey Landers Live Chat
June 2007

(Jon_Host) Audrey is here everyone. Welcome Audrey

(Audrey_Landers) Hi everyone

(Question_Host> Welcome!

(Audrey_Landers) Hi
(Audrey_Landers) First question please

(Question_Host) (Chole) Hi Audrey. Wonderful to have you with us. How has your day been today ? Audrey you are great. I read you are in Bachelor Party 2, is that true and who do you play? Is Tom Hanks in it?

(Audrey_Landers) Hi Chloe that is true
(Audrey_Landers) No Tom Hanks in this movie, it’s a modern version
(Audrey_Landers) I play the mother of the bride to be
(Audrey_Landers) I think it will be out around Christmas. It is a very funny comedy
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (PTG) #Ewing_Oil -) You're best known as Afton on Dallas, but do you wish you could have stayed longer on Search for Tomorrow or Secret Storm? Also, would you ever consider returning to One Life to live

(Audrey_Landers) I was just a teenager when I did Search for tomorrow
(Audrey_Landers) I would not wanted to stay longer
(Audrey_Landers) Of course I would consider going back to One Life to Live for a limited time
(Audrey_Landers) I am doing a new series now
(Audrey_Landers) Burn Notice - an action series about the CIA. I play the girlfriend of the lead man, I play Veronica
(Audrey_Landers) Next question please

(Question_Host) (Barbara_Fan) #Ewing_Oil -) You were a huge success in Germany, you were always on magazine covers - why do you think your singing career was a big success in Europe? Also I loved Barbara Bel Geddes, what was she like to work with?
(Audrey_Landers) Singing was always my first love
(Audrey_Landers) I had the opportunity to perform a lot
(Audrey_Landers) I have very loyal fans
(Audrey_Landers) Barbara was very spunky
(Audrey_Landers) Not much like her character
(Audrey_Landers) Barbara was a little more worldly
(Audrey_Landers) And very professional
(Audrey_Landers) Next question please

(Question_Host) (Luke) Audrey, Tits and Ass was a highlight of A Chorus Line, you were wonderful, any stories of making the movie?

(Audrey_Landers) Luke I have some
(Audrey_Landers) They had cast the entire film before I joined the cast
(Audrey_Landers) The rest of cast were professional dancers, but that was not my main talent
(Audrey_Landers) When I got the part I rehearsed from 6am until 9pm at time, to catch up with everyone else
(Audrey_Landers) It was a great challenge for me
(Audrey_Landers) It was an usual set
(Audrey_Landers) There is a lot of waiting around
(Audrey_Landers) Once the filming began the dancers would sit around a lot
(Audrey_Landers) They brought in junk food while they waited
(Audrey_Landers) They all put on weight
(Audrey_Landers) The other cast members all went from hard bodies to soft
(Audrey_Landers) The producer did not allow junk food on the set
(Audrey_Landers) I was ok I had to practice all the time so did not have time
((Audrey_Landers) Next please
(Question_Host) Thanks Audrey!

(Question_Host) (Miss_Texas) Loved your songs on Dallas, especially Steal Me Away, did you write them, and are they available for download?

(Audrey_Landers) I did write them
(Audrey_Landers) I wrote all the songs Afton sang on Dallas
(Audrey_Landers) I do not know if it is available to download
(Audrey_Landers) All my other songs are on iTunes
(Audrey_Landers) Next question thank you

(Question_Host) (FINNISH) #Ewing_Oil -) Ok. Welcome to the chat! Greetings from Finland! Have you ever been here visiting? Like your song Honeymoon in Trinidad very much. All the best for you!

(Audrey_Landers) Yes I was in Finland. It was very cold
(Audrey_Landers) In the 1980s
(Audrey_Landers) I performed in Finland. The people were very very warm
(Audrey_Landers) I do have a new album coming out
(Audrey_Landers) I am not sure if it will get an international release

(Question_Host) (Affie) You joined the show just after Who Shot J.R and in the middle of Lucy’s Wedding, two of the Shows biggest events, what was it like joining when the show was so huge? Were you welcomed by all the cast?

(Audrey_Landers) Google my new album to find it
(Audrey_Landers) The cast welcomed me. It was intimidating
(Audrey_Landers) My first scene was with JR in bed
(Audrey_Landers) He was very funny
(Audrey_Landers) All the gossip about fighting and backstabbing with the cast were not true

(Question_Host) We have a question about that
(Question_Host) (Xander) Loved one of your earliest moments in bed with J.R during Lucy’s wedding, it was classic, what was filming that first love scene with Larry like?

(Audrey_Landers) Larry played a trick on me
(Audrey_Landers) When you do love scenes you are clothed from the neck down
(Audrey_Landers) Larry was wearing cowboy boots
(Audrey_Landers) In the scene he has to put his hand on my shoulder, when the director called action, Larry poured ice cubes down my back
(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Bevin) Afton is my favourite character from Dallas. I thought her character, excluding her beginning, was a refreshing change from the other, mindless trophy wives/girlfriends. Did you enjoy playing an
playing an intelligent woman on the program where the intelligence was usually limited to the male characters?

(Audrey_Landers) It was fun to watch the evolution of Afton
(Audrey_Landers) I don't think I would call her intelligent in the beginning
(Audrey_Landers) She was ambitious
(Audrey_Landers) She did evolve into a more intelligent woman
(Audrey_Landers) I must admit it was more fun playing the bad girl.

(Audrey_Landers) There was more for me to do when I was spying or sleeping with a Ewing brother.
(Audrey_Landers) When they made Afton sweet and nice they ran out of interesting storylines
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (johnny) #Ewing_Oil -) hi i am a fan of Jim Davis what was the effect on the actors and writers when he died in 1981 , was it expected?

(Audrey_Landers) Sadly I only worked with Jim for a short time
(Audrey_Landers) He had a strong impact on the show
(Audrey_Landers) For all the years I was on the show the cast spoke about him
(Audrey_Landers) He defined the Dallas cowboy business man. He was sad sadly missed
(Audrey_Landers) His illness came on very suddenly. He worked right up until the time of his death.
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (fiona) #Ewing_Oil -) Hi Audrey, How did it feel going back to Dallas in 1989 after being away for a couple of seasons.

(Audrey_Landers) Fiona - It was a great feeling. When I returned the character had matured, more intelligent and worldly
(Audrey_Landers) It was always like I had never left
(Audrey_Landers) Leonard Katzman was the guiding force on the show, he kept the show consistant
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Tread) What was doing Playboy with Judy like?

(Audrey_Landers) We made the decision to do Playboy because we thought it would change our image from cheerleader to mature roles
(Audrey_Landers) We would do it with no nudity and no payment, just for publicity. My gran thought it was tasteful
(Audrey_Landers) There are a select group of woman who have done it with no nudity
(Audrey_Landers) The outcome was it did nothing for us
(Audrey_Landers) I did not help the direction of our career in any way
(Audrey_Landers) People assumed we had done nudity without seeing it
(Audrey_Landers) So we had offers for films with nudity, so opened the wrong doors for us
(Audrey_Landers) But I do like the pictures and have them on the wall in my library (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Pammy_P) Were Victoria and Morgan nice to work with?

(Audrey_Landers) I always got on well with Victoria
(Audrey_Landers) She was so confident
(Audrey_Landers) I did not work very much with Morgan
(Audrey_Landers) Victoria has a very successful cosmetic line.
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Lucas) You and Dallas cos-stars Tilton and Principal were part of a huge female sex symbol time in the eighties with your sister Judy Farrah, Morgan Fairchild and more. What was it like to be a sex symbol.

(Audrey_Landers) It was very flattering
(Audrey_Landers) For myself and Judy we did not think of ourselves as sex symbols. We wanted to play roles we enjoyed
(Audrey_Landers) It was very flattering
(Audrey_Landers) Looking back on it now it was amusing
(Audrey_Landers) We did not realize it at the time
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Afton) Any plans for more Huggabug Club shows?

(Audrey_Landers) Ohhh so sweet
(Audrey_Landers) We produced and wrote 50 episodes
(Audrey_Landers) We hope it will be rerun again
(Audrey_Landers) Thanks for remembering the show
(Audrey_Landers) We wrote the show, 250 songs, I edited the show. My mom produced it.
(Audrey_Landers) We have a new family movie - Circus Island
(Audrey_Landers) A film my mom produced, my sister and I directed
(Audrey_Landers) My children are in the movie
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (DameBarbara) #Ewing_Oil -) You were managed by your mother - did that help you keep your feet on the ground? Do You still live in Florida?

(Audrey_Landers) Yes, she still manages me. We are very close. That is her at the door now
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (toni) The scenes between you and Pam were great, especially when you tell her her mama is dead. Do you remember anything about that scene?

(Audrey_Landers) toni - Let me remember
(Audrey_Landers) When an actor does a scene which requires acting ability, it is always great
(Audrey_Landers) It was good doing those scenes with Victoria
(Audrey_Landers) I have the show on DVD. I can throw away my closet of VHS videos
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (CooperLuv) Audrey, you worked with most of the cast, loved when you had brief scenes with Ellie and bitchy scenes with Lucy, anyone you wanted more of a storyline with?

(Audrey_Landers) I would like to have done more scenes with Patrick Duffy
(Audrey_Landers) He was always a great deal of fun
(Audrey_Landers) He was also very cute
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Philipe_in_Madrid) #Ewing_Oil -) Good evening from Spain Audrey. As a singer, did you have any contact or relations with the composers of the series, Jerrold Immel, John Parker, Richard Warren, Lance Rubin or Angela Morley? Audrey, you have such a beautiful voice.

(Audrey_Landers) Philipe I worked with them briefly when I recorded the songs in the show
(Audrey_Landers) I would sing it to them ahead of time
(Audrey_Landers) Often it was not written into the script and they would suddenly say 'it was be nice to start this with you singing a song'
(Audrey_Landers) So I would have get a keyboard and sing there and then
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (Omey) Hi, do you still keep in touch with any of the Dallas cast ?

(Audrey_Landers) Off and on with Ken
(Audrey_Landers) We have tried to meet up and do some personal appearances in Europe. That is about it.

(Question_Host) (70's_TV) Which did you have more fun on, working on Battlestar Galactica, Police Woman or Charlie’s Angels? Were the Angels nice to you?

(Audrey_Landers) That is a funny question
(Audrey_Landers) Battlestar was so much fun
(Audrey_Landers) I played a girl from another planet, a backward place
(Audrey_Landers) It was fun, the costumes were so exotic
(Audrey_Landers) It was an introduction to episodic tv
(Audrey_Landers) The Angels were very nice to me
(Audrey_Landers) The women were secure and confident. So no jealousy
(Audrey_Landers) They were very very nice
(Audrey_Landers) I was so evil, that was fun
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

Question_Host) (Karin_Schill) #Ewing_Oil -) Can you tell us the title of your new album? I live in Sweden, will I be able to buy it from the US online or maybe from Germany?

(Audrey_Landers) The album is in German - Spuren Eines Sommer
(Audrey_Landers) The other one Dolce Vita
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (KL4ever) #Ewing_Oil -) Hi Audrey thanks for talking to us, What is your best memory from your time on DALLAS?

(Audrey_Landers) Kl4ever - There were so many
(Audrey_Landers) The best memory was the day I got Dallas
(Audrey_Landers) Afton was supposed to only be in it for 2 days
(Audrey_Landers) Sorry 2 episodes
(Audrey_Landers) So when they wrote me in as a series regular was a great memory
(Audrey_Landers) Ok next please

(Question_Host) (Tatianna) #Ewing_Oil -) Audrey, where did all those extra people come from who attended the famous Ewing Barbecues ?

(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) Most of the people were socialites who lived in the area
(Audrey_Landers) We had all this costume jewelry, the extras turned up in mercedes wearing real diamonds
(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)

(Question_Host) (Lou) Were you close with your tv brother Leigh, and what was Anne Francis like. Wish she came back to straighten her kids out now and then.

(Audrey_Landers) I have not thought about her in a long time
(Audrey_Landers) I loved they built a family around my character.
(Audrey_Landers) All the connections
(Audrey_Landers) I always enjoyed working with Leigh
(Audrey_Landers) We did a big promo trip to Israel
(Audrey_Landers) It was so fascinating
(Audrey_Landers) It was pretty amazing
(Audrey_Landers) During that trip I got to know Leigh and his wife

(photo of trip to Israel)

(Question_Host) (Luke) Audrey, I hated when J.R had Afton sleep with that ‘large’ slimey business guy, you could see the disgust on your face, great job, was that fun?

(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) Well as I said it was fun to play crazy characters
(Audrey_Landers) It was repulsive but still fun
(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) It was only acting

(Question_Host) (RealBobby) #Ewing_Oil -) Hi Audrey. I've lived in Dallas all my life. When filming here on location, what were your favorite things to do in our city?

(Audrey_Landers) RealBobby - To be honest I was very young. I really stayed alone and had a piano in the hotel suite. I was quite home body. I spent time writing music
(Audrey_Landers) I rarely went out with the other cast members
(Audrey_Landers) I will have to do that now
(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)

(Question_Host) (PAMANDBOBBYFOREVER) #Ewing_Oil -) Was it easy playing the part of Cliff's girlfriend, when your character is knowing how much of a jerk Cliff could be to others?

(Audrey_Landers) It was easy. It was a very defined character I played.
(Audrey_Landers) The fans appreciated that Afton stood up this jerk of a girl
(Audrey_Landers) It was always surprising to me to get letters from fans pleased I stood up to him. It set a good example

(Question_Host) (LandersLover) Was Judy ok that Dallas ended up being a longer running show than B.J and The Bear? Say hi to Stacks for me! Always loved her, and had her pink bathing suit poster on my walls throughout my teens!
(Audrey_Landers) She was fine with that
(Audrey_Landers) She got her first series before I got Dallas
(Audrey_Landers) If anyone was upset it should be me (laughs) But I was not
(Audrey_Landers) I had been in so many pilots which were not picked up.
(Audrey_Landers) We were always happy for eachother
(Audrey_Landers) Next please

(Question_Host) (DALLASguy) #Ewing_Oil -) Are you going on a tour in europe to sing? I have read about it in a german magazine

(Audrey_Landers) I planned this past year but had a family issue which prevented me
(Audrey_Landers) But I do plan to tour again next year

(Question_Host) (Kenny) You studied majoring in psychology at Columbia University, what did you want to be and did this help in your career ?

(Audrey_Landers) I had been acting since I was small child, so that was what I wanted
(Audrey_Landers) But I needed a backup career
(Audrey_Landers) I wanted to be a doctor
(Audrey_Landers) So those were my two choices
(Audrey_Landers) It did help me when I was writing and producing a series for children
(Audrey_Landers) The more knowledge you have the better it is
(Audrey_Landers) Last one then ?

(Question_Host) (Dallas) Trapped on a Desert Island Audrey, Tilton or Morgan Brittany, who would you choose?

(Audrey_Landers) (laughs)
(Audrey_Landers) Charlene Tilton
(Audrey_Landers) She is the salt of the earth and a great deal of fun to be with
(Audrey_Landers) Thank you everyone. This was so much fun

(Question_Host) Thank you Audrey for a wonderful chat!

(Audrey_Landers) A great way to stay in touch all over the world
(Audrey_Landers) I hope we do it again soon
(Audrey_Landers) Bye everyone

Transcribed by Luke
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