Dallas TV show characters

Jame Holmes, writer, TV and stage actor delves into the world of Dallas in this series of articles..

Jame's Dallas Observations
And the award for the best acted scene between two women in a soap opera that lasted 356 episodes goes to: The 50 Most Regular Dallas Characters (in a non medical sense!)
A character profile - Kristin Shepard Bells Are Ringing
Re-watching Season 5 Sue Ellen's Greatest Drunk Scenes
Who slept with the most people? Luther Frick's wife just asked me to rotate my pelvis
Assessing the Acting in DALLAS: Victoria Principal, Patrick Duffy Assessing the Acting in DALLAS
JR's Approval of Sue Ellen: who cares? DALLAS and THE GODFATHER: comparisons

Dallas TV series locations
Locations used in the TV series Dallas. Factual and fictional information.

Dallas exclustive interviews
Ask your questions to the stars of Dallas in our exclusive interviews.